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Red Letter Everyday: A fresh approach to women’s health and beauty. At RLE, we appreciate the wit, intelligence and savoir-faire of our readers who have the confidence and life experience to vary their routines to maintain their fitness and looks.

Red Letter Everyday promotes healthy, low sugar, diets and how the right “cream,” product or procedure can help prevent or address concerns and sustain or enhance your health and appearance. We interview fitness, nutrition, cosmetic and medical experts and manufacturers to connect you with the content and products to help you reach your health and beauty potential.

Hair CareRLE knows you want amazing hair! RLE will supply you with information on how to enhance the natural beauty of your hair, prevent future damage and how to pick the cut and style which will best accentuate the shape of your face and hair type.

Skin Care – RLE knows clear, fresh skin is a classic look for all women. A remarkable complexion takes effort. Beauty is truly more than skin deep, and RLE recognizes that with the best information on skin products, exercise, nutrition and use of supplements, your skin can be positively improved.

Smile Care – RLE knows your smile lights up the room and we want to keep it that way! We’ll introduce you to the latest products and procedures to keep your smile bright.

Make Up – RLE will show you how wearing the right make up can brighten your day or make a spectacular evening dramatic and enhance every event in between!

Nutrition – RLE knows how your body is fueled is important to maintaining your fast–paced life and to keeping your metabolism zipping along. We’ll show how to eating a clean, low sugar diet that will help you to reach and maintain your health goals.

Fitness – RLE will provide you with the latest information on how combinations of weight training, cardio and cross training can result in your positive long-term fitness and health.

Style Closet – RLE knows style matters to you, whether you work from home, in an upscale office, casual environment or all three. Each season our style experts keep you on trend by sourcing the best looks for you and your flexible surroundings.

Red Letter Everyday Mission, Vision and Values

Mission – Redlettereveryday.com is devoted to providing the latest information and advice on skin care, body care, hair care, make up, and fashion to intelligent and active women.

Vision – Lifelong beauty and health for women.

Values – Above all, Red Letter Everyday values women. We value their intellect, their wit, their savoir–faire. We value their beauty and health.

We value a culture that accepts that a woman’s desire for personal beauty does not end at age 25; we believe that all women deserve lifelong beauty.

We value scientific research and expert opinions and information on products, procedures, and processes that aid women in achieving optimal health and beauty.

We value a woman’s perspective to be marketed to by women in their sphere of reference: age, life experiences, needs, and wants.

We believe in transparency with our audience on sponsorships and ad revenue we receive in recommending a product, process, or procedure.

We value giving back to our community and support The Skin Cancer Foundation as our philanthropic endeavor. (www.skincancer.org)