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Root Boost

Beauty Tip: Hair Root Boost

Beauty Tip! Hair Root Boost

Chris Covington | Editor in Chief | Red Letter Everyday eMagazine | 3-24-2015 | Disclaimer | Purchased

Root Boost

Everyday I style my hair, I think, “How can I build volume at the roots?” I have fine hair, a lot of it, but still… fine hair.  So I consider my hair the worst case scenario for styling. If you have similar or, gasp… thicker hair, I have an option for you: TGI Catwalk Root Boost.

Over the past 6 months (and 2 large cans), I thoroughly tested this product. And the results were excellent.

Shake the can well and keep shaking it in between applications. It is surprisingly cold when you spray it on. I applied it to partially dry hair at the roots. If you apply it to wet hair, it works but not as well. Section your hair out so you are just getting the roots and that you are getting good coverage. I have long hair so I flipped it upside down and using my fingers, blow dried the roots to damp. Then I flipped it back and sectioned the hair out, drying the underneath roots with a roller brush, working my way to the top of my head. I then blow dried the remainder of my hair. I gave a little back comb to the top sections and an overall light spray.

A side benefit was that my second-day hair was also full and held up all day!

So if you are looking for a little lift as you style your hair, short or long, I hope you’ll give TGI Catwalk Root Boost a try!

Oh, did I mention how much I love to test products! So fun!

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Pureology Essential Repair Colour Max

Pureology Leave-in Conditioner

Pureology Essential Repair Colour Max – 8.5 oz

The sunny days are here! You wear sunscreen everyday to protect your skin, so you need to think about ways to protect your hair! A chic or sporty hat is great for outside sports or a day at the beach. But what more can you do besides wear a hat? To answer this question, I started looking at products that provided  protection for hair.

Pureology Essential Repair Colour Max was an option that offered UV and free-radical protection while it conditioned and helped prevent color fade. So I gave it the RLE go, and tested it every day for three months. (Living in CA, I can test sun protection year round!) And yes, one bottle lasted three months. So I felt this was a good buy for an 8.5 oz bottle $21. Although the label did not indicate an SPF, most sun protectants for hair do not exceed an SPF 10.

Pureology Essential Repair Colour Max definitely was easy to go on because of good package design. I cannot tell you how many products are ruined by packaging that keeps you from using the product well or leaving ¼ of the product in the bottle. After spraying in your hair, just comb through.

The spray inside was a great leave-in conditioner and detangler. After a few days of use, my hair shine did improve after styling, and it was more manageable with fewer fly-a-ways. After three months, I can say that the color fade was lessened, which is directly impacted by sun exposure.

But remember, this is not a heavy conditioner nor is it a replacement for your regular conditioning. It is a supplement that gives your hair environmental protection and a few extras!

Let us know what you think! And if you have a product you’d like to suggest RLE review, just email me at chris@redlettereveryday.com!

Chris Covington | Editor-in-Chief | Red Letter Everyday On-line Magazine | 5/07/2013