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What We’re Reading

April 23, 2015 | By

What We’re Reading

Chris Covington | Editor in Chief | Red Letter Everyday eMagazine | 4-17-2015 | Disclaimer | Affiliate Links | Purchased

Low Carb PerformanceRunning has long been part of my life, but as I’ve started training for the SF Half-Marathon, I’ve taken some extra time to read up on training, fueling, recovering, etc… all the things I need to know to have my best run.

Joh Ackland does a nice job of laying out a reasonable training schedule for the beginner with plenty of time for training with a built in cushion for missed training. Mr. Ackland takes the time to share with readers exactly how the program works so that they peak at the right time, avoid injury, and enjoy the training process. He also covers the real gear you need to be successful and how to ensure it fits well and what to do to for race day.

If you are looking for information on fueling your body properly while training, you’ll need to find another source. And if you are a woman, you’ll need to gear up with research on the proper high-impact, sports bra for you. Additionally, I highly recommend that you add a sunscreen to your list of gear.

If you are interested in beginning your training for a half marathon, you can order this book to read here…

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